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Crazy Busy Is The New Normal


In the last few years, I have been noticing that most people have gone from busy to CRAZY BUSY. We are scheduled tightly from morning to night with an abundance of important activities. The busiest people seem to be parents, especially working moms. When working with families, I find that crazy busy is the new normal….that people are struggling to keep up….which is stressful. It also makes it tough to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep.

What to do? Well, I will admit to feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis – especially since my health has been a bit compromised since a car accident last year….here are some strategies that have calmed me and may work for you too! One thing my husband does is if he sees me doing something that may not be a top priority, he gently asks if that is really the most important thing on my list. At first it used to irk me but after a while, even when he is not around I can hear Kris’ voice in my head as I ask myself if I am working on the most urgent or have I become distracted…..follow the steps below to strategize and then stick to the plan;-)

First – Write it Down on a Calendar! Put the non-negotiables on your calendar and TIME BLOCK! This means mark out the required amount of time on the calendar. Helps us to be realistic about what we really can get done each day. For me this includes the times I want to work since I am self-employed. Next, add in the appointments/commitments for yourself and the family.  Some families create a family calendar so everybody knows where the others will be and/or if they are available. This can be done on a big calendar on a wall or on something like Google Calendar on everyone’s phone. I put my exercise on my calendar. To stay healthy or in my case keep working towards feeling better, exercise has become a non-negotiable. I also mark out times for meal prep, meals, quiet time and walking the dog!

Second – Prioritize – List what is most urgent each day – read Stephen Covey’s Book on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I know I am due a reread!! He has a great system on how to label each task so you know what order they need to be completed. I make myself do the projects that are the most difficult first – otherwise I will procrastinate. Many times I build a reward into getting certain things done I don’t enjoy…or maybe you need to reward yourself when you get to the gym 3 times a week. I reward myself with a manicure every other week – keeps me on track….and I don’t have to fuss with my nails – one less thing for me to do and it makes me happy. The reward has to be something you want in order for it to work!

Which brings us to – Third – what can you delegate or get help with? It was hard for my husband to understand that I would rather take another appointment than clean our house. Cleaning the house also exhausted me and generally I was doing it at warp speed before a meeting in our home that I needed to be energized and prepared for. After a few of those meetings where I was fatigued instead of jazzed for my team, I learned that it makes great sense to have help cleaning my home! I also have had help cooking meals, walking the dog, and shopping for about everything we purchase. I am a small business owner so I always look for another small business to shop or have services from. I employ small business people who are affordable and offer awesome customer service. Nothing like having items delivered to your door. Many people think these services will cost more from the local business person than the “Big Box” stores but in most cases, you will save money….and more important to most of us, SAVE TIME! Plus the bonus of supporting people in your network and neighborhood.

Buy From Mom & Pop Biz

I found this picture on Facebook and post it whenever I can to help remind everyone to shop with their family member, friend, neighbor before going to the mall. Now one more step before running out to “the store” – CALL ME! I have people that Kris and I Know, Like and TRUST who will serve you! Reliable, personable and affordable professionals who will help you shop, cook amazing meals plus can help/have expertise with dietary concerns, clean your home, do your hair/nails, massage therapists to relieve stress, plan special events, take pictures, help you with scrapbooks, fix your computer, teach you how to use your phone, coach you how to effectively exercise for lasting results, share how to sleep better; it is quite an extensive directory of services and products to help you fight the fact that crazy busy is the new normal. Please leverage our resources to simplify your life!

Call Elizabeth & Kris Gronert at (847) 502-8394, email at Liz@elizabethanthonygronert.com or message on Facebook. Let us share how to have more Comfort For Life!

It is Time for Bamboo!

Kris and I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (in Palatine!) and it has been unbelievably warm the last few days…..and my phone started ringing (gotta love that!)  Many people started calling who attended our gatherings over the winter, learned that our Bamboo Sheets are more absorbent than cotton and felt how Bamboo Sheets are truly “cooler to the touch” than the other sheets they felt! Time to give PQ Bamboo a try with this dramatic change in the weather! We know you will fall in love with PQ Bamboo! (Just like the models wearing Bamboo in the photo below!)

With the weather turning warmer, many are thinking about “Bamboo” because it is much more absorbent than cotton and it has a cool, silky feel against the skin. And it is naturally antimicrobial – so it resists bacterial & fungal growth/ smells! We have Bamboo Sheets,

Our beautiful woven Bamboo Blanket (a favorite for a special wedding gift…… and ideal layer all year long – great over our Bamboo Sheets for the warmer months and the perfect medium layer between sheets and your comforter in the Fall/Winter!),

our Bamboo Towels are naturally silky soft (no chemicals!), dry quickly and resist that weird “stinky towel smell” – the best towels for those who seem to forget to hang up their wet towels!

And a Collection of Bamboo Comfortwear to wear during the day, evening and for sleeping!

Please take a peek at my previous post for a video of the versatility of our Bamboo Comfortwear Collection!

Please share this with your friends and family who would enjoy the benefits of Bamboo! We have samples for you to experience and try-on. We can bring them to your home or office. Or you can visit our In-Home Boutique in Palatine, Illinois. All our products come with our “Any Reason Guarantee” – they must surpass your expectations or we are happy to refund your purchase or exchange them!

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