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Upcoming Speaking & Events

We will list the open events and classes here that are scheduled. Please contact Elizabeth to let us know of your interest (including your best available dates & times helps with getting dates on a calendar for you). Are you interested in attending online classes or scheduling her to speak at one of your virtual events?

Currently, you can choose from 5 different classes online or for “Live” events. Elizabeth is a veteran speaker and educator that has spoken to small groups in the home as well as live and virtual conferences with thousands in attendance. These classes may be customized to serve you or your unique audience.

  • You have Survived – Now let’s Thrive!
  • Survival Habits: Don’t bring a virus or flu home to “live”
  • Bone Broth Meals: Nutrient Dense Healing Food That Tastes Great!
  • Meal Planning To Simplify Life
  • Everyday Hidden Ingredients REVEALED!
  • Skin Survival Strategies OR Survival for Sensitive & AutoImmune Skin

We look forward to hearing from you! Elizabeth may be reached by email at Liz@ElizabethAnthonyGronert.com or call/text at (847) 502-8394. Please include your name and contact information.