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About Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

Feeling out of control and hitting walls is exhausting besides painful! Life has been an adventure. Most of my life I was always able to put my head down and get what needed to be done each day, week, year! I felt strong, focused and felt there would always be a way to accomplish my goals. Then after two car accidents that triggered my autoimmune into full-blown chronic pain, life took a turn – found myself having to evaluate what is most urgent and learn how to manage best I could. Some days that was painfully little. My life went from being the one who served, supported and was strong to being the one who was fragile and dependent. This has been not only been painful physically but a mental challenge to overcome. I found myself having tough self-talk and dwelling on what I couldn’t do anymore. Luckily I had started speaking in the wellness world about using safe products. This community was supportive and I learned about options to regain my strength from food. Nutrition, supplementation and sourcing. I made friends who helped me learn how to cook – having been a single working mother, sadly I was more concerned about a full belly and not the quality of what was filling the belly. As my voyage deepens and widens, the focus has become education on maintaining best possible wellness to be proactive in health rather than flailing in reactive mode.

Through this we learn how God does not waste pain – I have been paying attention and sharing the learnings from my journey and all the others I have been “along for the ride!” It’s not like one day you wake up and say – Let’s try an elimination diet or be “gluten free”….it is usually after following traditional meal plans or medical treatments that people start to feel overwhelmed – feel that there has to be something else to try or follow to SIMPLY feel or be better? That’s where we are more powerful together. Our power comes when we connect. Now I am blessed to return the favor of helping others find their options. Use my skills as a Wellness Strategist to help you investigate alternate eating lifestyles, evaluate what you bring into your home and define wellness choices to bring comfort to your life. I would be honored to help you hone your food prep and cooking skills! Then take advantage of my experience as a LifeStyle Mentor to help you stay accountable to your goals. This “partnership” will help you:

  • Evaluate Your Team
  • Effectively Communicate
  • Set Your Priorities & Goals
  • Strategize Realistic Plan For You & Your Family
  • Support From a Friend/Mentor to Stay Accountable along the Journey
  • Not Feel Alone! That can be crushing!

I have been speaking, writing and mentoring using my “cliff notes” which can get you up to speed quickly on possible other choices, protocols and alternative eating lifestyles. Resources to help you shop affordably for safe & effective home cleaning, essential oils, food, laundry, personal care, produce, and supplements. Leverage my connections and years of experience. There is hope – sometimes elusive when you are finding your day two steps forward and three back….but that is why having a partner helps.

I am a daughter who helped care for my mother for 19 years, a mother of 4 adults and blessed grandmother of 7 beautiful children. Single mom for 21 years before meeting my prince – who has walked with me, side by side as promised through sickness and health. We have been navigating allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic pain, disability, skin issues and thriving after surviving two life changing car accidents. I feel like have graduated from the University of Hard Knocks with multiple degrees – now available to work for you and your family!

My career started in the Professional Beauty Industry, then transitioned into Social Networking with a decade in Fashion helping people with Total Image Consulting. My focus moved to the Wellness Arena when I learned how to help people Sleep More Restoratively. Since becoming gluten free, clean eating and a Bone Broth enthusiast, those that witnessed my transformation asked me to share my life enhancing secrets on stage, online and one-to-one. It has been an exciting 40 years educating, writing, speaking, mentoring and becoming an Amazon Best-Selling Author.

Attend one of my classes virtually or at one of my national “Live” events. Learn how to avoid hidden ingredients that may harm like gluten, grains, dairy, allergens, toxins, carcinogens & pathogens in not only food but the products we use every day. Hear about state-of-the-art options and protocols that are working to help us be more comfortable. Ways to manage life so we can focus on what is important. I am passionate about serving all communities but especially those affected by allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic pain, food & skin sensitivities.

In addition to being your Wellness Strategist and Mentor, I offer 5 different classes online or for “Live” events. Let me know if you would like to schedule a class – I keep them small so you can ask questions during the session.

If you are planning an event – I am a veteran speaker and educator that has spoken to small groups in the home as well as conferences with thousands in attendance. These classes may be customized to serve your unique audience.

  • You have Survived – Now let’s Thrive!
  • Survival Habits: Don’t bring a virus or flu home to “live”
  • Bone Broth Meals: Nutrient Dense Healing Food That Tastes Great!
  • Meal Planning To Simplify Life
  • Everyday Hidden Ingredients REVEALED!
  • Skin Survival Strategies OR Survival for Sensitive & AutoImmune Skin

When may we meet? Check out my schedule for national events and online classes at www.ElizabethAnthonyGronert.com.

Currently, spending time with me discussing wellness strategies and lifestyle goals is complimentary for your first 2 weekly coaching/mentoring sessions Let’s schedule time to investigate what we can accomplish together! I have limited time slots available.

Be well!

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Elizabeth Anthony Gronert

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