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Starting Again

My father always told me that as he got older, time seemed to pass by quicker with each year. I am learning that yet again – my father is right! I can remember that the year 2020 always seemed far in the future….yet here it is. Big and full of promise!

January has just slipped away…..much like the last months of 2019. I have to admit that I find myself again waiting for when I will feel better or more myself that I will get back to writing. That I will help more people when I have gotten to that point of wellness that I have been focused on or aspiring to. I have artistic projects lined up for when I have the energy.

And I was feeling the best yet with hope for a better winter season…until this past October 2019. I developed new pain seemingly overnight the first Friday of the month. Pain that radiated from my neck down into my right arm…and worse, pain that traveled up into the right side of my face. Truly pain that interferes with everyday living activities.

I have been documenting this new journey. To help others who are on their own adventure. So we don’t feel so alone. That we can pool the information that we learn and help each other move to a more comfortable place. What we have tried, what has helped and gratefulness for movement towards healing. Or simply feeling better. And I have learned a lot. From the medical professionals, traditional, natural, functional, integrative and from those who experience the pain like myself.

Just a few thoughts and a promise tonight this last moment before February. I promise to keep writing. Sharing the journey. Part of accepting that life may never get “back to what it was” but focusing on what is still precious and great.

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