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2020 Holiday Guide & Intentional Planning

Holidays 2020 will be a historic year as many of us are revising how we will celebrate with our loved ones. Both my parents moved here from Western Europe. When we were young kids, holidays were an intimate gathering of four for the first decade and a half. Once my sister and I began families, our dinner table expanded. Something that we both had envied other families we knew as we grew up. I describe some ways our dinner table and food looked different at the holidays in my friend Tiffany Hinton, @GFMomCertified’s 2020 Holiday Guide. This is a link to her newly published virtual Holiday Guide in Natural Awakenings Magazine @NAChicagoMagazine – you can check it out at:https://issuu.com/gosail6…/docs/gfm_holidayguide_2020-2/40 Inside this issue, you will find my Turkey Bone Broth Recipe and an article that describes how Christmas looked (and tasted) when I was young.

Go to https://www.instagram.com/gfmomcertified/ to view our Virtual Launch Party from November 20, 2020 starting at 11 AM CT. Tiffany and I had our LIVE Conversation at 11:30 AM CT discussing holiday meal prep, what to do with your leftover turkey carcass (bone broth, of course) and favorite holiday celebrations. There are nine fast-paced videos full of information, recipes, crafts, gift making and fun to have a great 2020 holiday season!

This year has in some ways improved my communication with family. Being first generation American, other than my sister and her family, most of our relatives are overseas. We just connected with cousins in California….otherwise all my cousins are in Europe. Over the years we have been blessed to physically visit with each other but less than a dozen times. With everyone staying home for the pandemic, we all learned how to use video communication – which has been a gift to visit and see my cousins! This year I have “virtually seen” my family much more than years past. This week I will be intentional in planning time with them and others we treasure so we will “see each other” for the 2020 holidays.

What strategies will you be employing this year to be sure to touch all your loved ones for the holidays? #bonebrothmealsheal #wellnesslifestylestrategies

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